6 Reasons You WANT to be having Family Devotions!

Fam Devos

Are you intimidated by the phrase "family devotions"?  Do you have a specific picture in mind of what that means?  Have you wanted or intended to start, but just DON'T or can't make yourself? Or has your time grown stagnant and you need some fresh ideas? Let me give you a few reasons you WANT to be having family devotions and jump start the process. … [Read more...]

Letterboxing & Geocaching Family Activities (free printout extensions)

Outdoor Family Activities

Time to get outside together. Here are two outdoor activities that, armed with your cellphone or personal stamp, your family can enjoy. Kids love a hunt and the great outdoors provides the perfect playground.  Not only that, but rich spiritual treasures are waiting to be found by your family.  (Printable devotions at the end) Get Out Together After a long winter’s night, you probably need to shake off the cookie crumbs and get outside, right?  It’s time to get out into the great outdoors!  Late in the fall last year, as part of a devotion about God’s Word being our compass, my girls and I tried out an activity called Geocaching.  As part of our homeschool co-op we were introduced to a similar concept, Letterboxing, by a good friend a couple of weeks ago.  Both involve following clues or coordinates to find a hidden “Cache” or “letterbox”. … [Read more...]