Integrating Toddlers & Preschoolers into School Time


As much as we desire to have our little ones at the table with us, their frustration level from not having enough to do can become a distraction and hindrance to other children trying to work.  Here are a few ideas for keeping them learning alongside you… PROBLEM A noisy, whining, discontented toddler or preschooler is a major distraction and hindrance to an otherwise happy homeschool.  I suspect, however, that most homeschooling moms, philosophically at least, would like their young children to be meaningfully engaged in something that furthers their development and learning.  This can be a burdensome challenge on top of the already demanding job of coordinating a couple different kids schoolwork.  Perhaps you, like me, have ups and downs in this area.  The downs typically arrive when I am not prepared with enough in my “arsenal” of activities for her/him to do. YOUR BAG OF … [Read more...]