Gratitude starts with…ME???

Gratitude Starts with ME

Though working on ME isn't really what I want to do, by cultivating gratitude in MY OWN heart and life, my children WILL begin to cultivate gratitude as well.  Here are three tips to get us started developing our own attitude of gratitude so that we can begin modeling it for the kids. Am I Grateful or Am I Grumbling? Personal evaluation time.  Am I modeling gratefulness?  OR Am I modeling grumbling?  I'll be the first to admit that I get into a funk and slip into being a GRUMBLER from time to time.  How about you?  Some seasons of life seem to bring out the grumbling more than others, too. How can you quickly identify grateful or grumbler?  Listen for these tip-offs: "If ONLY __________  then I'd be happy."    -OR- "I wish I had ___________.  That would make me content." … [Read more...]

Where am I Going Wrong?

Where am I Going Wrong

… and how can I readjust my course? On the frustrating days of mothering and schooling I sometimes think “Where did I go wrong?!?”  "Is anyone LISTENING to me?!?!"   Can you relate?  (For your sake, I hope not, but chances are good you can.) I was skimming an excellent article on developing work ethic in your children yesterday and felt the PANG of conviction.  Because conviction is sometimes painful, instead of embracing it, I moved on (i.e. RAN!).  However, when you are asking the Lord to work in your life, He will, even if you run away from His attempts.  … [Read more...]

Exhausted, Mom? 5 Suggestions for Renewal

Exhausted Mom PF

Whether you stay at home with children or juggle home and work, you may be flat out exhausted. Just why are we moms so tired and what can we do to get a little bit of quality rest without shirking any of our myriad of responsibilities? If you have a young infant in your home, then sleep will elude you, for a while at least.  If you are in the middle of building a home,  or some such massive project on top of your regular responsibilities, well… the only reprieve for you may be to temporarily back off on extra-commitments.    However, if you are out of the infant stage, and don’t have a house full of sick kids, yet still find yourself exhausted, it may be time to take a closer look at some other energy zappers. … [Read more...]