Making a Convention Plan

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Homeschool conventions can be a wonderful source of encouragement, new techniques, curriculums, and tools.  They can also be a serious source of budget drain for the weak-willed spender.  Ahead: how to get the most out of your convention and not let it take too much out of you! Source I really leave a convention renewed with passion and vigor for my calling as a homeschooling mom.  (This is assuming I didn’t just make a lot of impulsive purchases that leave me driving home with a guilt-driven heart burn.)  In order to just take the renewal with you and not the guilt, go to the convention with purpose in mind.  Make your first priority to get everything out of the convention that you can.  You’ve paid for the convention- milk it dry!  If you’re able, print the schedule ahead of time and mark what sessions most interest you.  Mark second and third choices as well in case you hear a … [Read more...]

Homeschool as a Lifestyle


Do you ever shake your head and realize you’re attempting to duplicate a school classroom right there at your dining room table?  For a few, this is their goal, but for many it is actually the opposite.  How about you? WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE Without a clearly defined purpose statement for your family’s homeschool, you may fall prey to the trap of other’s expectations.  I encourage families who are just beginning to homeschool to determine their purposes for homeschooling before they begin anything else.  IS duplication of the school environment one of your purposes?  If so, then be sure you’re doing it.  But if not, watch out for the little things that creep in and may steal away the beautiful privileges we homeschoolers have simply because we are NOT in a classroom. LIFESTYLE “A way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes or values of a person or group.” [1] … [Read more...]