Theme Weeks {Summer Sightings Series}


Sometimes summer needs just enough structure to keep boredom at bay and fun in momentum.  Theme weeks are a loosely-structured way to keep spawning new play all summer long. GETTING STARTED One of the best things about theme weeks is that your kiddos can really be the driving force.  Sit them down and explain that you want to do some different things this summer and you need to brainstorm some fun themes.  Start by suggesting some obvious things- favorite animals or time periods, for instance.  Of course you’ll consider the ages and interests of your children in doing this- and may have to do some compromising across an age span- but you’re used to that.  Broaden their horizons and suggest historical or Biblical characters, new skills, pieces of literature, you name it!  The sky is the limit and there are no right or wrongs, so be creative.  Themes we used the first year included … [Read more...]