Exhausted, Mom? 5 Suggestions for Renewal

Exhausted Mom PF

Whether you stay at home with children or juggle home and work, you may be flat out exhausted. Just why are we moms so tired and what can we do to get a little bit of quality rest without shirking any of our myriad of responsibilities? If you have a young infant in your home, then sleep will elude you, for a while at least.  If you are in the middle of building a home,  or some such massive project on top of your regular responsibilities, well… the only reprieve for you may be to temporarily back off on extra-commitments.    However, if you are out of the infant stage, and don’t have a house full of sick kids, yet still find yourself exhausted, it may be time to take a closer look at some other energy zappers. … [Read more...]

Summer OFF! {Summer Sightings Series}


In thinking about the best ways to use our summers, sometimes less is just more.  Simply taking the summer completely off may be the best option for your family.  YOUNG CHILDREN If your children are young (say, under 3rd grade), then academically, there is not a great need for educational supplement during the summer.  That doesn’t mean that they won’t learn along the way, but I am definitely a believer in PLAY!  Children learn a TON by truly playing.  In our very fast-paced, lesson-filled society, our kids suffer from a lack of time to use their imaginations.  A cardboard box from the appliance store one week, a pad of newsprint and paints the next, this is the stuff your summer can be made of. OLDER CHILDREN Even if your kids are older, you (or they) may need the summer off.  If your children have had a difficult year or have had a fair amount of stress, consider taking … [Read more...]